Timetable Pink Power 2019

Location: Lobeckstraße 62-63, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg, U-Bahnhof Prinzenstraße

Friday, August 2th06.00 pmRegistration and welcome
06.30 pmCommon warm up
Wado-Ryu-Karate, Tanto Tori (Andreas&Claus)
08.30 pmDinner/drinks at Van Loon Restaurantship
Saturday, august 3th10.00 amRegistration
10.15 amCommon warm up
10.30 amHapkido- Korean martial arts: introduction (Sabine Bäther)N.N.
11.45 pmShito Ryu Karate:
Hokai Kumite
(Alain Nottelet)
Boxing for beginners
(Tobias Lippert)
01.00 pm -
02.00 pm
Lunch Break, catering provided
02.00 pmQuan Dao-Kung Fu with fans (Ulli Klöppel)From kata to self-defense, the many applications of karate (Marie Bouard)
03.30 pmBoxing for advanced
Thai Boxing (Ruth Waldeyer and Kim): knees and elbows for starters
06.30 pmCity walk guided by gaysha, meeting point at Potsdamer Platz in front of the historic city lights
08.00 pmBiergarten Zollpackhof near Hauptbahnhof train station,
address and map will be provided
Sunday, august 4th11.00 amCommon warm up
11.15 pmShotokan Karate:
Gyaku (Sebastian Kühnen)
Aikido (Oliver Wehlmann)
12.45 pmNei Yang Gong:
(Johanna David)
03.00 pmCoffee and cake in Restaurant Brachvogel nearby


Workshop: Bushido Munich – Shotokan Gyaku

In der Grundschule trainieren wir meist Abwehrtechniken gleichseitig mit dem Bein. Doch die andere, die Gegen-Seite ermöglicht uns, die Pläne des Gegners noch wirksamer zu durchkreuzen. Einige Karate-Übungen mit und ohne Partner*in im Shotokan-Stil.


Sebastian Kühnen (Bushido Munich, 3th Dan Shotokan)

Workshop: Shito-Ryu Kata Anako and Shukokai

KARATE SHITO RYU SHUKOKAI – Combinations of techniques (Hokei Kumite)

Alain Nottelet 2nd Dan: I started Karate with Oliver Wehlmann, 25 years ago, in the first gay and lesbian martial arts organization in Paris that Oliver created in 1993 and whose name is now Niji Kan Karate. With Marie and Christian, I became an instructor while continuing to improve my style with my teacher Jean-Claude Elleboode, a French student of Sensei Chojiro Tani (creator of Shukokai in Japan).

In the Shito-Ryu Shukokai style, there are 5 combinations of the 5 basic forms (katas) called Hokei Kumite. In this workshop, I suggest you study them with a partner, each according to your level so that you catch the best, whatever your style or discipline.

Workshop:  Quan Dao-Kung Fu Berlin, Ulli Klöppel


Quan Dao-Kung Fu uses the model of animals to train metamorphosis, mobility and flexibility. In the workshop we will learn pieces of short anmimal forms in order to experience with these skills and to use these skills in fights (Kumite) .


Ulli Klöppel

Workshop: Wado-Ryu-Karate (Andreas&Claus)

Wado Kai – Tanto Tori: We will exercise defence techniques against knife attacks. These are traditional japanese katas and are supposed to demonstrate and train principles of movements.

Boxing for beginners (Tobias Lippert)

Nei Yang Gong (Johanna David)

Thai Boxing (Ruth Waldeyer and Kim)

Hapkido- Korean martial arts (Sabine Bäther)